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Latina & Latino Studies Program

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Why Latina and Latino Studies?


Latina and Latino Studies focuses on the historic and contemporary circumstances that shape Latina and Latino lives, spaces, subjectivities, and politics in the United States.  This field encompasses diverse communities and nationalities while also offering critical attention to transnational dynamics or to how Latinas and Latinos relate and connect to cultural or geographical origins across the Americas. Similar to other race/ethnic studies fields, Latina and Latino Studies has origins outside of universities. To a large extent, it originated in social movements led by organizers, thinkers, artists, students, workers and teachers who were opposed to legacies of racial injustice, ethnic prejudice, exploitation, criminalization and neglect.

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Latinx Studies Highlight

Dr. Aparicio Collage

Latinx Studies: Notes From An Emerita

Dr. Frances R. Aparicio, Professor Emerita, LLSP @ Northwestern Director from 2011 - 2018, and a pioneering figure within Latinx Studies shares a personal reflection on the early years of the field and its evolution into the present.

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LLSP Professor Wins Award

LLSP Prof. Myrna Garcia wins the Daniel Linzer Award for Faculty Excellence in Diversity and Equity!
Myrna García, assistant professor of instruction in Latina and Latino Studies, has had enormous impact improving the climate for students through her many roles on campus, including Weinberg College advisor, faculty chair for the Residential College of Cultural and Community Studies and faculty advisor for La Alianza Latinx, an undergraduate student organization. Through her work founding a diversity, equity and inclusion committee for Weinberg College advisors to her collaboration with many offices and staff across campus, García is a deeply committed champion of equity and inclusion.

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NYT | Op-Ed by LLSP Professor

Trump Began With His ‘Great’ Wall. He Ended With It, Too, by Prof. Geraldo Cadava
“It all started with the border, and that’s still where it is today.” These are the first lines of the Drive-By Truckers’ song “Ramón Casiano,” released just before the election of Donald Trump in 2016. I’ve been humming the song for much of the last four years, because Mr. Trump’s journey to the White House began with promises of a “great wall” along the border, and that’s also where it ended.

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News & Events

Translocas: The Politics of Puerto Rican Drag and Trans Performance [Review]

A reflection on drag and transgender performance as an artistic practice, a form of entertainment, a catalyst for community growth, and a mechanism of self-expression.

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