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Eligibility for honors in Latina and Latino Studies requires:

Overview: Students interested in completing an honors project should apply by the end of their junior year. The application will include a short, well-honed prospectus of the project and the name and signature of the faculty member who has agreed to support and advise the thesis/project. Senior thesis advisors do not need to be faculty members in Latina and Latino Studies. Students are advised to meet regularly with their honor thesis/honors project advisor.

Achieving the minimum GPA and mere completion of the project does not confer honors. The director will coordinate with the thesis adviser and the Latina and Latino Studies Undergraduate Honors Committee regarding acceptance and evaluation of honors students. If the committee determines the senior project to be excellent and the GPA minimum is met they may recommend the student to the Committee on Superior Student and Honors, which has the final authority to grant the honor degree.

Access the Application for Senior Thesis & Honors Nomination Application